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eSID9‑5, Saab 9‑3 / 9‑5

eSID9‑5, Saab 9‑3 / 9‑5

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Finally an eSID has been fully developed even for the older Saabs. Previously, the eSID only existed for new generation Saab 9-3 2003-2014, but now there is also one for the old Saab 9-5 1998-2010 and Saab 9-3 1998-2003!

eSID9-5 is a small electronic device that enhances the driving experience in your Saab by opening up the built-in display in the car and presenting hidden information to the driver. It is fully integrated with the car's system and is controlled with the buttons on the SID (1998-2005) or the steering wheel buttons (2006-2010). Also works on cars with OpenSID activated.

It needs to be fitted into the car by connecting the included wiring kit with the car's wiring harness. See the installation manual for more information.

eSID9-5 has full support for the following cars:
- Saab 9-5 Petrol/BioPower 1998-2010
- Saab 9-5 1.9TiD 2006-2010
- Saab 9-3 with Trionic7 (All cars 2001-2003 and 9-3 Viggen 1999-2002)

The other 9-3/9-5 cars also work with limited functionality, see the user manual for more information!

At the moment it is only available in English, but more languages ​​will be added in the next year.

- Can be updated via MaptunerX in future software updates
- Warning indicators during panic braking with adjustable sensitivity
- 3-Blink when touching the turn indicator
- Supports different display units (Metric, Imperial UK, US)
- Controllable digital output (E.g. for shift-up lamp)
- Current fuel consumption
- Fuel/Distance counter
- Driving time
- Battery/Start voltage
- Tire pressure/temperature (cars with TPMS)
- Engine speed/temperature
- Performance (Torque, Power, Air mass, Boost pressure, Acceleration time)
- Oil temperature and actual gear (Automatic gearbox)
- Estimate Torque from Air mass
- Welcome Message (configurable)
- Goodbye Message (configurable, only for 2006-2010)
- Braking distance
- AC pressure
- Knock/Misfire
- EGR/Swirl/Exhaust temperature (1.9TiD Diesel)
- Fuel pressure/temperature (1.9TiD Diesel)
- Option to force particle filter cleaning (1.9TiD Diesel)
- See when regeneration is active (1.9TiD Diesel)
- Fault code reader
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